How We Do It

Einstein began as a lump of clay. Here's the finished clay sculpture. It sort of looks like chocolate. (Doesn't taste nearly as good.)

The clay sculpture rests in the back half of its plaster mold.

When the mold hardens the clay is scooped out and latex rubber is poured in. Here's the latex casting after being removed from the mold.

(Left) Einstein gets a shower of gray paint from an air brush.

(Above) Einstein's mechanical eyes are installed through a trap door in the back of his head.

The Making of Sandy Fish

Sandy Fish (his real name) is a sales executive with Better Homes and Gardens. As part of a promotional campaign, Handemonium created a school of Sandy Fish look-alikes.

The foam rubber skull of Aplhie Alligator and the final version of the puppet.

Shooting a music video against a green screen with Tasty the Turkey

A set of large acrylic eyes for a giant frog.

Finished head for a bloodhound puppet.

Final clay sculptures for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.

The Making of Bob the Tire-Kicker

Bob was made for a series of televison commercials for Fowler Toyota in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Bob's eyes are wooden balls, painted white, with a teddy bear eye embedded in the middle.

Bob's skull is made out of sheets of foam rubber. They are cut and glued into a three-dimensional shape.

Once the nose and cheeks are in place, his character starts to come alive.

His skin is made of a fleecy fabric.

The Making of Einstein

Einstein was created for the television pilot "DinoRock."He is made of latex rubber. He talks and his eyes blink and move side-to-side.

His eyes blink and one eyebrow moves up and down.

Click here to see Bob in action.